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Altium Designer 14.3.10 PtablE

Software #1
Altium Designer 14.3.10 Ptable

Altium Designer 14.3.10 PtablE

Altium Designer 14.3.10 Ptable | 1.27 Gb

Year : 2013

Version : 14.3.10 Build 33625
Views: 0 Author: apple2000 22-07-2014, 07:24 Comments (0) More

BMW ETK (07.2014) MultilinguaL

Software #2
BMW ETK (07.2014) Multilingual

BMW ETK (07.2014) MultilinguaL

BMW ETK (07.2014) Multilingual | 5.13 GB

BMW ETK contains the whole range of items offered for sale by BMW Group and is intended to facilitate the retrieval of necessary spare parts (car parts and motorcycle), supplies and accessories.
Views: 0 Author: always 22-07-2014, 07:23 Comments (0) More

Stepok Light Developer 7.8

Software #3
Stepok Light Developer 7.8

Stepok Light Developer 7.8 | 5 MB
Languages: English, Russian, Traditional Chinese

Light Developer is a very easy to use yet powerful image editing/processing software that is designed for digital camera owners. Light Developer offers professional image enhancement options without requiring you to have any technical knowledge of digital imaging. The program starts out with a wizard dialog that ask you "what is wrong with your picture?" and offers you to choose the option from an example dialog. From then on, it takes you step by step through correcting or enhancing your image while constantly offering you previews of possible options as well as the original to compare to.

Views: 0 Author: newpost88 22-07-2014, 04:27 Comments (0) More

NeoOffice 2014.1 (Mac OS X)

Software #4
NeoOffice 2014.1 (Mac OS X)

NeoOffice 2014.1 (Mac OS X) | 434 MB
Language: English, Russian, German, Arabic, Hungarian, etc.

Views: 0 Author: newpost88 19-07-2014, 20:17 Comments (0) More

FHM Russia - July-August 2014

E-Books » Magazine #5
FHM Russia - July-August 2014

FHM Russia - July-August 2014
Russian | 149 Pages | PDF | 71.40 Mb

FHM (For Him Magazine) is the world's leading men's magazine brand, published in over 20 languages in 26 editions across 40 countries. Funny, zany and fashionably sexy, FHM continues to set new standards in the men's magazine market globally. In poll after poll, men have gone on record saying that their life would never be the same without FHM! So, here it is. The same brand that has bowled over men all over and the one women would kill to be seen in is now also available in Russia.
Views: 0 Author: princ 19-07-2014, 18:11 Comments (0) More

Adobe Muse CC 2014.0.1.30

Software » Programming #6
Adobe Muse CC 2014.0.1.30

Adobe Muse CC 2014.0.1.30 | 105.3 MB
Languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Finnish, Danish
Hungarian, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean

Adobe(R) Muse(TM) lets designers create websites without writing code. Planning, designing, and publishing original HTML pages is as easy as creating layouts for print. With master pages, access to over 400 web fonts served by Adobe Typekit(R), built-in tools for interactivity, and a choice of publishing hosts, you can produce distinctive, professional websites that meet the latest web standards.
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 18-07-2014, 04:21 Comments (0) More

Altium DesigneR 14.3.13

Software #7
Altium Designer 14.3.13

Altium DesigneR  14.3.13

Altium Designer 14.3.13 | 3.7 Gb

Altium Limited, a global leader in Smart System Design Automation and 3D PCB design, has released an update for Altium Designer 14.3. This update to Altium Designer delivers a powerful array of new features and enhancements to the core technologies, while also addressing many issues raised by customers through the AltiumLive Community's BugCrunch system.
Views: 0 Author: apple2000 17-07-2014, 21:37 Comments (0) More

Ocrkit v2.6 (Mac OSX)

Software » For MacOSX #8
Ocrkit v2.6 (Mac OSX)

Ocrkit v2.6 (Mac OSX) | 45 MB

Views: 0 Author: lehoang1984 15-07-2014, 04:37 Comments (0) More

MAXIM Russia - August 2014

E-Books » Magazine #9
MAXIM Russia - August 2014

MAXIM Russia - August 2014
Russian | 156 Pages | PDF | 90.60 Mb

MAXIM Russia - the most read men's magazine in Russia. Unlike most magazines, promoting a particular lifestyle, MAXIM promotes rather a style of thought - a specific philosophical and intellectually mischievous look at the world around us. Formally, the range of interests of the journal - standard for men's titles (women, cars, careers, sex, sports, etc.), but the method of delivery of these materials in MAXIM Russia always copyrighted and non-trivial. In this case, the exceptional quality of filming, texts and illustrations is one of the priorities of this publication.
Views: 0 Author: princ 14-07-2014, 14:58 Comments (0) More

XXL Ukraine - July-August 2014

E-Books » Magazine #10
XXL Ukraine - July-August 2014

XXL Ukraine - July-August 2014
Russian | 104 Pages | PDF | 110.70 Mb

XXL Ukraine is the first Ukrainian magazine for successful men. The greater part of readers - men at the age of 25-44 oriented on exclusiveness. The most beautiful and sexy women are shooting for the covers!
Views: 0 Author: princ 11-07-2014, 05:41 Comments (0) More

Imovie v10.0.4 (Mac OSX)

Software » For MacOSX #11
Imovie v10.0.4 (Mac OSX)

Imovie v10.0.4 (Mac OSX) | 2.71 GB

Views: 0 Author: lehoang1984 9-07-2014, 18:55 Comments (0) More

SamDrivers 14.7 Full-FL

Software » Drivers #12
SamDrivers 14.7 Full-FL

SamDrivers 14.7 Full-FL | 7.82 GB

DriverPack Solution / Drivers Installer Assistant / Snappy Driver Installer / DriverX / Drivers Backup SolutionpicVersiya program: 14.7
Official site: samlab.ws | driveroff.net
Language: English, Russian and other
Treatment: not required
System requirements:
• Windows 2000 - Windows 8.1
Collection of drivers from SamLab.ws for all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 8.1 Update 1, including server platforms.
As the shell-installer to auto-detect your hardware and automatically install the necessary drivers use special programs:
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 3-07-2014, 20:34 Comments (0) More

Adobe Muse CC 2014.0.0.328

Software » Others #13
Adobe Muse CC 2014.0.0.328

Adobe Muse CC 2014.0.0.328
Graphics and CAD | Original Install Files | OS: Windows 7/8/8.1 (x64) | 159 MB
Languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Czech, Turkish, Finnish, Danish
Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Portuguese

Adobe(R) Muse(TM) lets designers create websites without writing code. Planning, designing, and publishing original HTML pages is as easy as creating layouts for print. With master pages, access to over 400 web fonts served by Adobe Typekit(R), built-in tools for interactivity, and a choice of publishing hosts, you can produce distinctive, professional websites that meet the latest web standards.
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 22-06-2014, 05:15 Comments (0) More

Altium Designer v14.3.11

Software #14
Altium Designer v14.3.11

Altium Designer v14.3.11 | 4.98 Gb

Views: 0 Author: lehoang1984 20-06-2014, 04:59 Comments (0) More

Coma Mortuary MULTi2-PLAZA

Games #15

Coma Mortuary MULTi2-PLAZA

Coma Mortuary MULTi2-PLAZA
2014 | PC | Developer and Publisher : N A GA Entertainment | 5.35GB
Languages : English, Russian
Genre : Adventure
Views: 0 Author: KingOfDCP 12-06-2014, 06:15 Comments (0) More

Lifeless Planet-SKIDROW

Games #16
Lifeless Planet-SKIDROW

Lifeless Planet-SKIDROW (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 684.54 MB
Genre: Action

While seeking life on a distant planet, an astronaut discovers an abandoned Russian town. He suspects his mission is a hoax until a mysterious young woman saves him from a strange and deadly phenomenon. Lifeless Planet is a third-person action-adventure that features an old-school sci-fi story and spectacular environments in the spirit of classic action-adventures.
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 8-06-2014, 23:51 Comments (0) More

Watch Dogs Repack-R.G Mechanics

Games #17
Watch Dogs Repack-R.G Mechanics

Watch Dogs Repack-R.G Mechanics (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 13.66 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth

All related to each other. We depend on high-tech novelties of the market, because only through them know what is happening in the world. But progress is a dark side. Our every action leaves a trace: every move, every stop, everything we like or dislike. And it's not just us. Megacities enmeshed in digital networks. Urban infrastructure is controlled and operated by a complex system.
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 8-06-2014, 19:45 Comments (0) More

Lifeless Planet MULTi5-3DM

Games #18
Lifeless Planet MULTi5-3DM

Lifeless Planet MULTi5-3DM (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 502.33 MB
Genre: Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person

Lifeless Planet - indie adventure third-person shooter, action which takes place on the devastated planet distant from Earth. The protagonist of the game, the astronaut who find themselves in the midst of the lost of this barren place, to unravel the mystery of an abandoned Soviet research station and find their comrades missing due to accident spacecraft.
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 8-06-2014, 01:23 Comments (0) More

Among the Sleep (2014)-GOG

Games #19

Among the Sleep (2014)-GOG

Among the Sleep (2014)-GOG
2014 | PC | Developer: Krillbite Studio Publisher: Krillbite Studio | 1.27GB
Language: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Norwegian
Genre: Action (Survival Horror) / 3D / 1st Person
Views: 0 Author: KingOfDCP 6-06-2014, 17:29 Comments (0) More

AV Uninstall Tools Pack 2014.06

Software » All In One (AIO) #20

AV Uninstall Tools Pack 2014.06

AV Uninstall Tools Pack 2014.06 | 148MB
Views: 0 Author: KingOfDCP 5-06-2014, 17:19 Comments (0) More

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition[GOG]

Games #21

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition[GOG]

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition[GOG]
2013 | PC | Developer: Maxis | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 1.04GB
Language: English, Russian
Genre: Strategy (God Sim / Manage / Busin. / Real-time) / 3D
Views: 0 Author: KingOfDCP 2-06-2014, 07:34 Comments (0) More

RAGE Complete Edition-PROPHET

Games #22
RAGE Complete Edition-PROPHET

RAGE Complete Edition-PROPHET (PC-ENG-2003)
English | PC | 2003 | 21.07 GB
Genre: FPS

RAGE is a groundbreaking first-person shooter set in the not-too-distant future after an asteroid impacts Earth, leaving a ravaged world behind. You emerge into this vast wasteland to discover humanity working to rebuild itself against such forces as bandit gangs, mutants, and the Authority an oppressive government regime that has a special interest in you in particular.
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 27-05-2014, 01:26 Comments (0) More

Watch Dogs-Steam006

Games #23
Watch Dogs-Steam006

Watch Dogs-Steam006 (PC-ENG-2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 13.91 GB
Genre: Action, Adventure

According to the story, in 2003, one of the workers cut off electricity to power the vast metropolis, leaving millions of people without power, while in the urban system by downloading a virus.
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 27-05-2014, 01:01 Comments (0) More

Altium Designer 14.2.5 Portable

Software » Others #24
Altium Designer 14.2.5 Portable

Altium Designer 14.2.5 Portable | 1.85 Gb

Altium Designer - integrated system design of high speed electronic devices based on printed circuit boards, which allows developers to create projects , from concept and VHDL-description of the FPGA, to carry out simulation derived schemes and VHDL-code, prepare files for production, and the concept of Live Design, so called living design, allows you to complete the project on-board debugging NanoBoard.
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 17-05-2014, 19:02 Comments (0) More

Kerio Connect v8.2.2-2224

Software » Internet Tools #25
Kerio Connect v8.2.2-2224

Kerio Connect v8.2.2-2224 | 1.53 GB

Version : v8.2.2-2224
Developer : Kerio Technologies
Bit : 32bit +64 bit
Windows 7 : complete Compatible with Windows 8
Language : Multilangual (Russian included)
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 11-05-2014, 16:49 Comments (0) More



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