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Makeup Guide 1.1.1

Software » Graphics & Design #1

Makeup Guide 1.1.1

Makeup Guide 1.1.1 | 6 Mb

MakeUp Guide - Virtual makeup directly on photos.With this makeup photo editor you'll be able to make your pictures look even better than they do! MakeUp Guide will help you to apply lipstick, rouge, eye shadow, and powder; line eyelids; and change eye color. You can do all of this right on the photo!
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Software #2
1CLICK DVD Copy Pro | 6.75 Mb

1CLICK DVD COPY - PRO™ is a fast, easy-to-use, full featured software for copying DVD movies onto DVD discs. The latest version now incorporates CPRx™ technology to ensure the highest level of success copying the latest generation of DVD movies. You now have complete control over the final copy. Use the Copy Presets™ or the more advanced features to select what content will be copied and how much compression will be used. With 1CLICK DVD COPY - PRO, you can make a perfect copy with just one click.
Views: 0 Author: luffy1990 18-10-2011, 17:18 Comments (0) More

VA - Rock Zone (3 CD) (2012)

Music #3
VA - Rock Zone (3 CD) (2012)

VA - Rock Zone (3 CD) (2012)
2012 | Rock | MP3 320 Kbps | 02:43:49 | 384.5 MB
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 26-02-2012, 12:15 Comments (0) More

Dont Starve v.20130402-ALI213

Games #4

Dont Starve v.20130402-ALI213
Year: 2013 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Klei Entertainment | Publishers: Klei Entertainment | 183 MB
Genre: Adventure

Don't Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 6-04-2013, 05:35 Comments (0) More

Soldier Elite

Games #5
Soldier Elite
Soldier Elite
PC game | English | Genre: Sci-Fi Action Adventure | 438 MB
The third episode in the adventures of Captain Cole Sullivan, the star of Gorky Zero: Beyond Honor and Gorky 17. Two agents in black find Sullivan on the floor. The hero who once saved the world has been drinking for over two years. Will he manage to approach Parecki once again? Secret manoeuvres, extraordinary cargo and submarine catastrophe at the Barent's Sea - it's just the tip of the iceberg. Like its predecessors, Aurora Watching is a stealth action game in the style of Metal Gear Solid, complete with enemy radar system, shifting perspectives, and a large selection of gadgets.
Views: 0 Author: viisoft90 13-12-2010, 14:45 Comments (0) More

ExtremeCopy 2.3.4

Software » System Tools #6
ExtremeCopy 2.3.4

ExtremeCopy 2.3.4 | 8 MB

The best program for file transfer speeds are terrible
He sings for teracopy and supercopier
And you have limited patience in a long time
To transfer large files where the speed up to 200%
Such as films and games giant space
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 24-07-2013, 19:27 Comments (0) More

Manhunt: (2009/Multi6)

Games #7
Manhunt: (2009/Multi6)

Manhunt (2009/Multi6)
Year: 2009 | PC Game | Developer: Rockstar North | Publisher: Rockstar Games | 1.31 Gb
Genres: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth
Views: 0 Author: tomax88 12-07-2011, 01:10 Comments (0) More

Anti-Trojan Elite 5.4.2

Software » Anti-Spyware #8
Anti-Trojan Elite 5.4.2

Anti-Trojan Elite 5.4.2 | 6.2 MB

Anti Trojan Elite(ATE) is a malware remover, it can detect and clean malware in disk or memory.Anti Trojan Elite provide a real-time malware firewall for user, once a trojan or keylogger would been loaded, the ATE can detect, block and then clean it in time before it starts. The ATE can detect more than 22000 trojans, worms and keyloggers currently, and the number of malware ATE could clean is growing up very quickly, we collect world-wide malwares, user can using our auto live update feature to get the power to clean these new malwares in time.
Anti Trojan Elite has some useful utilities especially. The network utility can been used to disconnect suspicious TCP connections; The process utility can been used to kill suspicious processes even the process has the system priviage, even it has the ability to unload suspicious modules in all processes; The registry repair utility can been used to repair registry altered by malware; The registry monitor utility can been used to repair any change of important registry keys and values with real time.
Views: 0 Author: laser 7-05-2011, 00:57 Comments (0) More

Soft 2011 v4.0 DVD!

Software #9
Soft 2011 v4.0 DVD!

Soft 2011 v4.0 DVD | 1.42 GB

The powerful AIO in 2011 Released ! It's Soft 2011 v4.0 ! This DVD contain huge collection of programs with the latest updated releases also integrated the original serials for each program. This DVD is very easy to use because programs can install in silent mode by just one click.
Views: 0 Author: queenluck 19-06-2011, 07:31 Comments (0) More

Visual LightBox v5.6 MacOSX

Software » For MacOSX #10
Visual LightBox v5.6 MacOSX
Visual LightBox v5.6 MacOSX | 90.0 MB

Visual LightBox is a free wizard program that helps you easily generate Web photo galleries on OS X with a nice Lightbox-style overlay effect, in a few clicks without writing a single line of code. Just upload files generated by the photo album builder to your server and it will run immediately, even if it's a free host without PHP, mySQL, or ASP support. Visual LightBox is free for non-commercial use. Please see this page for commercial pricing.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 13-07-2013, 01:00 Comments (0) More

ClamWin Free Antivirus 0.97.2

Software » Anti-Virus #11

ClamWin Free Antivirus 0.97.2

ClamWin Free Antivirus 0.97.2 | 38 MB

ClamWin is a Free Antivirus program for Microsoft Windows 7/ Vista/ XP/ Me/ 2000/ 98 and Windows Server 2008/ 2003. It provides a graphical user interface to the Clam AntiVirus engine. It features a command line interface for scanning files, updating the virus definitions, and a daemon for faster scanning needed on high performance systems.

ClamWin Free Antivirus is based on ClamAV engine, a completely free and open source anti-virus software package. It uses the GNU General Public License by the Free Software Foundation. Please note that ClamWin Free Antivirus does not include an on-access real-time scanner. You need to manually scan a file in order to detect a virus or spyware.
Views: 0 Author: laser 12-08-2011, 18:31 Comments (0) More

Miner Wars (PC/ENG/2011)

Games #12
Miner Wars (PC/ENG/2011)

Miner Wars (PC/ENG/2011)
Miner Wars (PC/ENG/2011)
PC Game | Windows | Language: English | Developer: Keen Software House | 737 MB
Genre: Action l Shooter

Views: 0 Author: kenvin20182011 17-02-2011, 08:07 Comments (0) More

Chris PC-Lock 3.20

Software #13

Chris PC-Lock 3.20

Chris PC-Lock 3.20 Multilingual | 3.0 MB

Chris PC-Lock is a useful Windows application with keyboard locking functions. Now you can enjoy your spare time without any worry that somebody unauthorized will access your computer. More than that, you can ensure that your work remains unaltered and meanwhile benefit of your children joy when playing around your laptop or desktop PC. It's really a pitty to be concerned about what might happen with your reports or financial sheets when your children or your favourite pet would hit by mistake the keyboard. Now you can stay relax. Chris PC-Lock is doing this job for you.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 26-03-2014, 12:28 Comments (0) More

Crysis 2 Update v1.4 - 2013

Games #14
Crysis 2 Update v1.4
[]Crysis 2 Update v1.4 - 2013
Views: 0 Author: postptu2012 9-05-2011, 00:39 Comments (0) More

Sister Crayon - Bellow (2011)

Music #15
Sister Crayon - Bellow (2011)
Sister Crayon - Bellow (2011)

Artist: Sister Crayon
Album: Bellow
Released: 2011
Style: Synthpop
Format: MP3 256Kbps
Size: 84 Mb

Views: 0 Author: zerocoolvn 14-03-2011, 10:03 Comments (0) More

Hitman: Contracts (Rip) T-T

Games #16
Hitman: Contracts (Rip) T-T

Hitman: Contracts (Rip) T-T
Hitman: Contracts
PC game | English | Genre: Modern Shooter | 154 Mb

Views: 0 Author: tintinmccc 10-01-2011, 03:31 Comments (0) More

WPI BARS 1.0 2011

Software #17
WPI BARS 1.0 2011

WPI BARS 1.0 | 8.2 GB

WPI BARS 1.0 Huge collection of Software for all occasions. The release includes the best and most popular programs for early 2011. This CD is useful for both professionals and ordinary users. You only need to note the program you want to install and the installation and registration will take place in a fully automatic mode.
Views: 0 Author: tanya-j 31-03-2011, 22:33 Comments (0) More

VA - Romantika FM (2012)

Music #18
VA - Romantika FM (2012)

VA - Romantika FM (2012)
2012 | VA | Duration: 1:49:23 | MP3 320 kb / s CBR | 254MB
Genre : Pop, Romantika
Views: 0 Author: KingOfDCP 29-11-2012, 05:09 Comments (0) More

Total Commander PowerUser v52.

Software #19
Total Commander PowerUser v52.

Total Commander PowerUser v52 | 261.63 MB

Total Commander PowerUser powerful tool for system administrators and advanced polzovateley.Eto very sound and stable assembly, in which well-chosen programs and plug-ins. All this is a shell integrated in Total Commander. All this is a shell integrated in Total Commander.

Program List:
7-zip - great for the compression ratio file archiver
AIMP - Russian quality audio player + sound recording from any source
AMI Flash (AFUWin x86 & x64)
Views: 0 Author: nhammen 5-01-2011, 19:45 Comments (0) More

VA - Very Hot 200 MTV (2010)

Music #20
VA - Very Hot 200 MTV (2010)

VA - Very Hot 200 MTV (2010)
Format: MP3 | Tracks: 200 | Year: 2010 | Genre: Dance/Pop | Size: 658 MB
Quality: 128 kbps/44,1 kHz/Joint stereo
Views: 0 Author: sergio090588 11-10-2010, 11:25 Comments (0) More

NewBeauty - Winter Spring 2012

E-Books » Magazine #21
NewBeauty - Winter Spring 2012
NewBeauty - Winter Spring 2012
English | PDF | 196 pages | 66 Mb

NewBeauty is all about the best anti-aging celebrity secrets, new treatments that grow longer lashes and how you can transform your skin overnight - plus, the latest products and procedures on the market.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 20-01-2012, 01:07 Comments (0) More

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars-FLT

Games #22
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars-FLT

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars-FLT
Publisher: bitComposer Games | Release: 05/2011 | Platform: PC | 1.60 GB
Genre: Flight/Action

Game information:
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight simulation set in a world war I+II scenario During the 7 campaigns the player has to fly and fight through over 48 missions. Before taking off, the player can choose between different aircrafts, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Within the missions the player gets different objectives like patrolling, sneaking, hit & run, bombing and escorting. Objectives are presented as dialogues between different characters. After some missions the player can upgrade one of his skills in order to maneuver the airplanes easier, have more endurance or have your wingman boosted. Further, the player can choose between two control schemes. Arcade and simulation. The first one makes the game easier to control, while the second one gives more options to control the aircraft. Beside the campaign the game also features several multiplayer modes, local and via internet for up to four players.
Views: 0 Author: creativelivenew 16-06-2011, 11:40 Comments (0) More

Ad-Aware Pro v8.1.4

Software #23
Ad-Aware Pro v8.1.4  | 76.46 MB

Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro - is designed to find and remove spyware.At the work Ad-Aware scans your memory, files on the hard disk and defines in them programs-spies and the started harmful processes. Also scans the registry of the operating system. If in the register the record established by malware, it will be removed.
Views: 0 Author: maxposter 6-09-2011, 21:11 Comments (0) More

Kung Fu Panda 2 (OST)

Music #24
Kung Fu Panda 2 (OST)

Hans Zimmer & John Powell - Kung Fu Panda 2 (Music from the Motion Picture) 2011
Soundtrack | 17 Track | Mp3 | Kbps | 142.96 MB
Views: 0 Author: tttooommm 27-05-2011, 18:35 Comments (0) More

Top Sante - N°429 juin 2011

E-Books #25
Top Sante - N°429 juin 2011

Top Sante - N°429 juin 2011

French | PDF | 180 pages | 56 Mb

Top Sante provides its readers with everything they need on health, emotional wellbeing, anti-ageing secrets and diet and weight-loss.
Views: 0 Author: Book-share 4-06-2011, 12:56 Comments (0) More



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