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Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Concerts (1989)

Music #1

Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Concerts (1989)
1CD | EAC Rip | FLAC(tracks) + CUE + LOG | Covers Scans | 1:17:40 | 498 MB
Genre: Progressive Rock | Label: Warner Bros / Wea | Release affix a ~ to: January 5, 1990[/center]
Widely recognized as one of the greatest in number creative and influential musicians of the 20th century, Jimi Hendrix pioneered the explosive po

Views: 0 Author: Root 1-11-2010, 23:31 Comments (0) More

After Effects Project - Particle Reveal

Graphics #2

After Effects Project - Particle Reveal
For After Effects CS4 | 1280x720 | 126.5 MB

Download unite:

t Speed Max Upto 100MbpsFast Download : After Effects Project - Particle Reveal

After Effects Project - Particle Reveal is available on a new fast direct download servi

Views: 0 Author: Root 9-09-2010, 00:52 Comments (0) More

Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut

Games #3

Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut from Rapidshare, Megaupload, HotFile, DepositFiles, Uploaded.to, Megashares, Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut generous Torrent Download & Crack Serial Keygen.


Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut (2011/ENG/PC)

Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut (2011/ENG/PC) | 1.07 GB
For harvested land ch

Views: 0 Author: Root 15-02-2011, 16:47 Comments (0) More

Photo Supreme + Crack

Software » Graphics & Design #4
Photo Supreme + Crack

Photo Supreme + Crack | 23 MB

Do you own a digital camera? Then in no time you will have thousands of images on your computer, and finding that one image you are looking for will become a chore. But Photo Supreme can change all that. Whether you have 1,000 or 500,000 images in your archive, Photo Supremea?™s integrated photo cataloging and photo management features will help you quickly find and work with your desired image.
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 4-10-2013, 20:29 Comments (0) More

Thunder Wolves PSN PS3-DUPLEX

Games » Console Games #5

Thunder Wolves PSN PS3-DUPLEX
Language: English | Release: 06-2013 | PS3 PSN | 1.05 GB
Genre(s): Flight

Thunder Wolves puts gamers in the hot seat of an experienced helicopter group that has survived a flurry of bullets and caused more destruction than the Seventh United State Army. Gamers will embark on a variety of missions including high-risk convoy protection, deploying a commando on fast-moving train or unleashing hell on a fully destructible battlefield.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 24-06-2013, 11:19 Comments (0) More

Jekyll and Hyde -QN

Games #6
Jekyll and Hyde -QN

Jekyll and Hyde  -QN
Jekyll and Hyde - ViTALiTY
PC Game | English | Publisher: bitComposer Games | 4.17 GB
Genre: Adventure
Views: 0 Author: quynhnhu139 18-11-2010, 02:45 Comments (0) More

FullForce - Next Level (2012)

Music #7
FullForce - Next Level (2012)

FullForce - Next Level (2012)
Release: 2012 | Country: Sweden | MP3 | 320 kbps | 123 MB
Genre: Melodic Heavy, Power Metal
Views: 0 Author: Rafnod80 5-11-2012, 17:23 Comments (0) More

Apple iLife 2011 MAC OSX-HOTiSO

Software #8
Apple iLife 2011 MAC OSX-HOTiSO

Apple iLife 2011 MAC OSX-HOTiSO | 2.91 GB

Here's the newest iLife '11 . Just open the dmg and install. No serial key or crack needed.
iLife '11...Upgrade to iLife 11 and you ll do more with photos, movies, and music than you ever thought possible. In iPhoto, you can browse, edit, and share your photos with new full-screen views. Turn your home videos into epic movie trailers in iMovie. And GarageBand gives you everything you need to make a great-sounding song -- including tools for keeping your song in perfect rhythm and guitar and piano lessons.
Views: 0 Author: queenluck 19-12-2011, 11:24 Comments (0) More

International Basketball Manager Season 2010-2011-ViTALiTY

Games #9

International Basketball Manager Season 2010-2011-ViTALiTY
PC | English | Developer: IQ Publishing | Publisher: Headup Games | 4.14 GB
Genre: Simulation, Sports

In International Basketball Mananger - Season 2010/11 players slip into the role of the good economist of a basketball team and can select a team out of intimately 30 top European leagues and the North Americ

Views: 0 Author: Root 20-09-2010, 13:12 Comments (0) More

Deadly Crossing 2011 NTSC -QN

Movies #10
Deadly Crossing 2011 NTSC -QN

Deadly Crossing 2011 NTSC -QN
Deadly Crossing 2011 NTSC-FuckCopyRight
English | DVD9 | NTSC | 720x480 | 29.97fps | 16:9 | 9352 Kbps | Mp3 448Kbps 48000Hz | 3.5Gb
IMDB info : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1697033/
Genres: Action | Drama | Thriller
Views: 0 Author: quynhnhu139 4-01-2011, 06:34 Comments (0) More

Megaman X7 - FL (PC/ENG)

Games #11
Megaman X7 - FL (PC/ENG)

Megaman X7 - FL (PC/ENG)
English | Platform: PC | Publisher: Capcom | Developer: Capcom Production Studio 3 | 723 MB
Genre: Third-Person Action

Mega Man X, his courageous pal Zero and new playable hero Axl propel this all-new 3D Mega Man actioner into the future.
Views: 0 Author: queenluck 10-01-2012, 16:02 Comments (0) More


Games #12
Dead.Island-RELOADED | 5.47 GB
GAME TYPE: Action | LANGUAGES: English
Terror. Violence. Madness. Bedlam. A holiday paradise gone mad. A tropical island turns into total chaos after a mysterious zombie outbreak. Cut off from the rest of the world the player's only chance to survive is to fight to the death and find a way to escape from the island
Views: 0 Author: Registerpro 7-09-2011, 14:28 Comments (0) More

Toon Boom Studio 6 - Mac OS X

Software » For MacOSX #13
Toon Boom Studio 6 - Mac OS X

Toon Boom Studio 6 - Mac OS X
Mac OS X | Mac Platform: Intel | 115.66 MB

Toon Boom Studio is the best 2D animation software to learn and create animation with. Ideal for students and hobbyists looking for an easy-to-use animation program, excellent for teachers and educational institutions, Studio makes all animation techniques accessible to users, offering them the most creative and rewarding experience.
Views: 0 Author: Kazuowa 4-05-2011, 23:05 Comments (0) More

SlickEdit 2011 + crack

Software » Multimedia #14
SlickEdit 2011 + crack

SlickEdit 2011 + crack | 138MB

SlickEdit - cross-platform multi-language code editor that gives programmers the ability to create, navigate, modify, build, and debug code faster and more accurately.
Views: 0 Author: Kazuowa 21-06-2011, 18:03 Comments (0) More

Endnote X4 for MAC

Software #15
Endnote X4 for MAC

Endnote X4 | Mac OS | 187MB

EndNote... Millions of researchers, scholarly writers, students, and librarians use EndNote to search online bibliographic databases, organize their references, images and PDFs in any language, and create bibliographies and figure lists instantly. Instead of spending hours typing bibliographies, or using index cards to organize their references, they do it the easy way-by using EndNote!
Views: 0 Author: nhammen 27-01-2011, 07:12 Comments (0) More

Shank II (2012) RELOADED

Games #16
Shank II (2012) RELOADED

Shank II (2012) RELOADED
Shank II (2012) RELOADED
English | Platform: PC | Release: February 4, 2012 | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: Klei Entertainment | 1.34 GB
Genre : Action

The fan-favorite 2D brawler is back as ex-mob hit man Shank returns to action in Shank 2. With those closest to him under attack, Shank is once again forced to go on the offensive.

Now he must put his trusty arsenal of handguns, shotguns, automatic weapons, chainsaws, machetes, grenades, plus all-new weapons and moves to use in order to protect those close to him

The original game set a new standard for comic book style visuals and Shank 2 raises the bar. Shank 2 expands on the original game's amazing combat system to redefine the 2D side-scrolling brawler
Views: 0 Author: kalong_12 10-02-2012, 18:51 Comments (0) More

Ice Age 2:The.Meltdown. (PC/EN)

Games #17
Ice Age 2:The.Meltdown. (PC/EN)

Ice Age 2:The.Meltdown. (PC/EN)
Genre: Adventure | Platform: PC | Language: EN | Developer: Amaze Entertainment | Publisher: Sierra Entertainment | 1.21 Gb
Views: 0 Author: Hawaii 4-09-2011, 21:02 Comments (0) More

Reus-TiNYiSO (PC/ENG/2013)

Games #18
Reus-TiNYiSO (PC/ENG/2013)

Reus-TiNYiSO (PC/ENG/2013)
English | Platform: PC | Release: 17 May 2013 | Publisher: Abbey Games | Developer: Abbey Games | 518 MB
Genre: Strategy, Indie, Simulation

In Reus, you control powerful giants that help you shape the planet to your will. You can create mountains and oceans, forests and more. Enrich your planet with plants, minerals and animal life. There is only one thing on the planet that you do not control: mankind, with all their virtues and and all their vices. You can shape their world, but not their will. Provide for them and they may thrive. Give them too much, and their greed may gain the upper hand.
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 24-07-2013, 18:46 Comments (0) More


Games #19

English | PC | Developer: id Software | Publisher: Activision | 1.78 GB
Genre: Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter

A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporations’
(UAC) Mars Research Facility leaving only chaos and horror in its wake.
As one of only a few survivors, you struggle with shock and fear as you fight
your way to Hell and back, in an epic clash against pure evil.
Views: 0 Author: kalong_12 24-02-2011, 16:25 Comments (0) More

Land Rover Microcat 01/2011

Software » Graphics & Design #20
Land Rover Microcat 01/2011

Land Rover Microcat 01/2011 | 890 MB

Land Rover - Land Rover parts catalog contains a catalog of parts for all models of Land Rover. The catalog is the search for Land Rover and decrypting data on Vin, search by model number or name of the original parts.
Views: 0 Author: Kazuowa 15-01-2011, 05:04 Comments (0) More

Land Rover Microcat 01/2011*

Software #21
Land Rover Microcat 01/2011*

Land Rover Microcat 01/2011 | 982 MB

Land Rover - Land Rover parts catalog contains a catalog of parts for all models of Land Rover. The catalog is the search for Land Rover and decrypting data on Vin, search by model number or name of the original parts.
Views: 0 Author: queenluck 22-09-2011, 14:04 Comments (0) More

B.A.R WEEK 09 (2012)

Music #22
B.A.R WEEK 09 (2012)

B.A.R WEEK 09 (2012)
Release: 2012 | 20 Albums | Mp3 @ 320 kbps | 44,1kHz | Joint-Stereo | 5.19 GB
Genre: Pop / Rock / Trance / Classic / Soul / RnB...
Views: 0 Author: kissyou 26-02-2012, 16:25 Comments (0) More

Adobe InDesign CS5.5 v7.5

Software » Graphics & Design #23
Adobe InDesign CS5.5 v7.5
Adobe InDesign CS5.5 v7.5 | 975 MB

Adobe® InDesign® CS5.5 software lets you design and preflight engaging page layouts for print or digital distribution with built-in creative tools and precise control over typography. Integrate interactivity, video, and audio for playback on tablets, smartphones, and computers. Create and preview digital magazines, newspapers, and catalogs with engaging elements such as 360° object rotation and image panoramas for a wide variety of tablets. Upload to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for further production and distribution. Access the hosted services of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite from within InDesign to publish engaging digital documents for a range of tablet devices.
Views: 0 Author: girlbigwarez88 31-08-2011, 08:18 Comments (0) More

Rihanna Fenty Pictures collection

Graphics #24

Rihanna Fenty Pictures assemblage
515 JPG | 1200x1800 | 277MB

Download link:

t Speed Max Upto 100MbpsFast Download : Rihanna Fenty Pictures assemblage

Rihanna Fenty Pictures collection is available on a new fast address

Views: 0 Author: Root 11-08-2010, 04:16 Comments (0) More

Symatec Products AIO Download

Software #25

Symatec Products AIO Download

Symatec Products AIO Download with Working good | 857 MB
Views: 0 Author: vusyninhdlk51 10-01-2011, 05:37 Comments (0) More



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